Update the settings of your copilot to give it the feel of your brand.

Personality (Optional)

Add a personality to your copilot by adding 'Answer in a 'friendly' tone.' Replace 'friendly' with whatever personality traits you'd like your copilot to have.

Topic Specificity (Optional)

Adding a specific topic will ensure that your copilot never goes off-topic.

  1. Add your topic title (usually your company name) to the topic title box.

  2. Describe your topic in 2-3 sentences in the box below so that the copilot knows what is and isn't on-topic.

Special Instructions (Optional)

Advanced: Use the special instructions box to give the copilot any additional instructions you have.

Response Speed

Ultra Fast - the copilot answers as quickly as possible.

Human-like - the copilot responds in a human-like cadence, pausing between messages for 1-3 seconds.

Response Structure

Multiple (faster) - the copilot responses will include multiple, short messages (1-2 sentences each)

Single (slower) - the copilot response will be one large message including the entire answer

Automatic Responses

This toggle turns on and off the copilot. By toggling off, the copilot will no longer reply to messages.

Only turn off automatic responses if you have an agent responding to messages in Rivit.

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